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BigBen S60 User Guide

Product referenced: BigBen S60 1.50
Document version:  1.50
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BigBen is a combined lock, screensaver and reminder application. BigBen protects your smartphone from accidental use by locking keys, while displaying a large digital or analog clock.

BigBen can be installed and executed on all smartphones running on Symbian 9.x, with Series 60 (S60) 3rd or 5th edition, both touch- and non-touch-screen. Compatible handsets are manufactured by Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson.

The screensaver and lock functions of BigBen may be impaired by the simultaneous use of other similar software. Therefore it is advised to disable any such software when running BigBen. On devices whose built-in screensaver and lock can not be entirely switched off (like those running on the Nokia Anna and Belle operating systems), BigBen may not be able to fully exhibit its own behavior. Other functions of BigBen are not affected.

The distribution package can be installed directly by using the PC install program, or after uploading the .sisx file to the phone. Refer to your phone's User Guide for details on installing.

Main view
The main view of BigBen displays the selected background, with the current clock that occupies the central part of the screen.

On the upper part of the view the next upcoming calendar or alarm event is shown. The event display can be replaced with custom text. On the bottom of the view the current time and date are shown.

On touch-screen phones, frequently used commands are presented on three toolbar buttons at the bottom part of the screen. These commands are Clock, Background, and Settings. On phones without a touch-screen the same commands can be accessed by the shortcut keys 1, 2, and 3.

The appearance and behavior of the program can be customized in Settings. In the Options menu you can Hide BigBen and continue using your phone. When you do not touch the device for a while, BigBen will automatically lock it.

The right softkey, labeled as Lock, will instantly lock the phone and display the screensaver view.
BigBen Main view

Screensaver view
The screensaver view is displayed when the phone is locked. This mode protects the phone from accidental use, while providing easy access to reading the time and other important information.

BigBen's screensaver consists of a background and a large clock. Additional information (upcoming events and date) are displayed at the top and bottom of screen when activity is detected.

The contents and the appearance of the screensaver can be customized in Settings. Choices include analog and digital clocks, with various background types that can be set independently of the current clock. The colors for background, clock, and text can be changed as well.

To make your phone look and sound like the famous tower clock in London, set both the background and the hourly chime to Big Ben in Settings.

BigBen Screensaver view

When the phone is locked, keys are inactive and the screensaver view is displayed.

Methods to lock the phone and bring up the BigBen screensaver include the following:
  • Manually issue the Lock command, which is present on the right softkey in Main view.
  • Leave the phone idle until the automatic lock activates. The timeout for the auto-lock can be set in Settings/Lock.
  • Activate the built-in lock either manually or by idle time.
  • Bring BigBen to the foreground (requires that the Lock on app switch option is turned on).

    Note that using the built-in lock in any way renders BigBen to act only as a screensaver and reminder, while it disables the Unlock menu. BigBen itself triggers the built-in lock when the Settings/Lock/Use device lock option is turned on.
  • BigBen Screensaver view

    To use the locked phone again without restriction, the lock should be inactivated.

    Methods to unlock the phone include the following:
  • Press the green Send key (also called Call or Yes key), to display the Unlock menu (see below).
  • Use the dedicated keyguard key, in case it was earlier used to lock the phone.

  • BigBen Unlock

    Unlock menu
    The Unlock menu is displayed when unlocking the phone is initiated by the Send key, as described in the previous section.

    The menu provides the following commands and options:
  • Unlock: Select to unlock the phone, and place BigBen to background.
  • Restore: Select to unlock the phone, and display the Main view of BigBen.
  • Reminders: Toggle displaying visual reminders for unattended events.
  • Upcoming events: Toggle the display of the next calendar or alarm item.
  • Status pane: Toggle displaying the status pane at the top of screen.
  • Keep visible: Toggle to make the clock always readable on the screen (option available on 5th edition phones only).
  • Stop sound: Silence the reminder or chime currently played.

  • BigBen Unlock menu

    BigBen is able to warn you about unattended events, using visual and/or audible reminders. Upon such events the clock display turns into digital mode (if it was analog or blank), and a large indicator letter is shown that refers to the event encountered.

    Indicator letters for various missed events are the following:
  • Alarm
  • Call
  • SMS or MMS message
  • Email

    Reminders are shown until the phone is unlocked, or their display is switched off in the Unlock menu. While a reminder is in effect, a repeated sound is played and the phone vibrates, provided the respective options in Settings are turned on.

    BigBen can also play a selected chime every hour, independently of the presence of reminders.
  • BigBen Reminders

    Settings - Lock
    These options let you define how BigBen locks the phone.

  • Auto-lock timeout: The amount of idle time after which the lock is automatically activated. If you set the timeout to 00:00:00 then no automatic lock will occur. In this case the phone can still be locked manually.
  • Use device lock: Set if you want BigBen to trigger the phone's built-in lock. When the option is on, then locking BigBen (either manually or automatically) will activate the built-in lock. When the built-in lock is used, either by turning this option on, or by setting the built-in lock active, then BigBen's Unlock menu will not be displayed, instead BigBen unlocks immediately when the built-in lock is inactivated by its own mechanism.
  • Lock on app switch: Set if you want the lock to be activated whenever BigBen is brought to to foreground. This can be used as a direct way of locking, like when using a screen shortcut. You may want to enable this option after you have configured BigBen, so that it locks immediately whenever you invoke it.
  • Keep visible: Set the option to make the clock always readable on the screen (available on 5th edition phones only).
  • Status pane when locked: Check the option if you want to see the status pane at the top of screen while the phone is locked. On the status pane you can observe battery level and signal strength while the phone is locked.

  • Settings - Lock

    Settings - Screen
    These options let you define the appearance of the screensaver view.

  • Background type: Select the type of background to display behind the clock and text.
  • Clock format: Choose the kind of clock to display when the phone is locked.
  • Colours: Choose the desired colour for various displayed items.
  • Giant clock: Turn the option on to have the clock maximum sized, for best visibility.
  • Low-vision mode: Turn the option on to have a special display mode that suits best for the visually impaired. All screen elements are displayed in text mode that favours screen reader software.
  • Screen settings - Type

    Settings - Text
    These options let you change how text appears on the screen.

  • Show upcoming events: Check the option if you want to display the next calendar or alarm event at the top of screen.
  • Show unlock help: When the option is checked then help is displayed about unlocking the phone, whenever a key is pressed in locked state. You might want to disable the help to prevent people picking up your phone from getting an easy clue about how to unlock it.
  • Custom text: Enter your own text to be displayed at the top of screen. The custom text is displayed only when there is no upcoming event, or displaying the upcoming event is disabled.

  • Screen settings - Text

    Settings - Reminder
    These options let you configure the event reminder service by BigBen.

  • Reminders on events: Check the option if you want to have visible and audible reminders about unattended events.
  • Reported events: Select the event types for which reminders will be issued while the phone is locked. Selectable events include non-answered incoming call, new SMS or SMS message, new POP3 or IMAP Email message, and missed alarm (calendar or clock).
  • Notification interval: Set the amount of minutes after which the reminder sound and/or vibration is repeated.
  • Reminder sound: Select the alert sound to be played as a reminder when there is a new missed event.
  • Vibration: Check the option to cause the phone vibrate when a reminder is active.

  • Alert settings - Reminder

    Settings - Sound
    These options let you configure how BigBen plays sounds.

  • Hourly chime: Select a sound to play every hour. The included default options play various chimes of the Palace of Westminster's tower clock.
  • Sounds active from: Set the earliest time when sounds are played.
  • Sounds active until: Set the latest time when sounds are played.
  • Alert settings - Time

    We at CellPhoneSoft hope you enjoy using BigBen, and find it useful in making your smartphone a more pleasant experience. Thank you for using our product!