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Predator's Toolbox S60 User Guide

Product referenced: Predator's Toolbox S60 3.20
Document version:  3.20
This document is available for Download.
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Predator's Toolbox is a web runtime widget that displays a binary clock and various system information. The clock serves as a special and unique timepiece, while the other items provide useful information about the phone's status.


Predator's Toolbox can be installed and executed on all Nokia S60 smartphones that support executing web runtime (WRT) widgets. Compatible devices include all S60 5th edition phones (like the Nokia N97, N97 Mini, 5800, 5230, 5530, and X6), furthermore many S60 3rd edition phones.


The distribution package can be installed directly by using the PC install program, or after uploading the .wgz file to the phone. Refer to your phone's User Guide for details on installing.


When running from the Menu, Predator's Toolbox appears in full-screen mode. The background skin provides an appearance similar to an alien's self-destructing "wrist-bomb", as seen in the famous Predator movies.

The main part of the application is a binary clock, displayed in three distinct panels for hours, minutes and seconds, respectively. The moving red clock hands are used to read the current time (see details below). A digital clock is shown above the binary clock panels.

Four lines of system information are shown in a fourth display panel. Several additional indicators are dispersed over the skin, to provide further status information. See details for these items below.

A help screen is provided as a quick reference on reading the data. The help can be accessed by touching the bottom half of the screen. Touching again eliminates the help display.

Predator's Toolbox

Binary clock

The moving red lines on the display represent a true binary clock. Values for hours, minutes and seconds are shown in three separate panels from the left to the right.

Red lines are binary places (as opposed to decimal places), each representing a power of two. From the top of the panel moving clockwise to the right, the lines stand for 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32, respectively, as shown by the illustration below. The sum of the highlighted red lines gives the time value.

Binary clock

To read the clock, add up the values of the highlighted red lines only, while the non-highlighted places should be ignored. On the example image above the current time is 23:59:59 (shown by the small gray digital clock at the top). The binary clock is read by adding the place values (yellow) for all highlighted red lines.

On the hours panel 1+2+4+16 makes 23 (note that 8 is not added because it is not highlighted). Minutes and seconds are both 59, which is calculated by 1+2+8+16+32 (4 is not added as it is not highlighted).

System information panel

The fourth (rightmost) panel displays four lines of phone information in green text color. Each line starts with a letter as listed below, followed by the current numeric value for each item.

  • Memory: The amount of free runtime memory (RAM) in Megabytes.

  • C drive: Free space on the built-in phone memory in Megabytes.

  • E drive: Free space on the replaceable memory card in Megabytes.

  • Battery: Charge level in percentages.

  • System information panel

    Additional system information

    Further phone status information is displayed at various regions of the background skin, as listed below.

  • Network name: The name of the registered home network, or Offline.

  • Signal: The current signal strength, represented by 0 to 4 cyan dots

  • Charging status: Four animated white dots when the phone is connected to a charger.

  • Additional system information

    Home screen widget

    In addition to running it in full-screen mode, Predator's Toolbox can also be placed on the Home screen of those phones that support Home screen widgets (Nokia N97 and N97 mini).

    To use the software on the Home screen follow these steps:

  • Display the Home screen application.
  • Issue the Options/Edit content command.
  • Touch an empty content slot on the screen.
  • Select the Add content command.
  • Select Predator's Toolbox from the appearing list
  • Confirm allowing the application to read phone status data.

    After the above steps the widget appears on the Home screen, displaying the binary clock and the system information panel.

    To switch to full-screen mode, tap on any part of the widget.

  • N97 mini Home screen

    We at CellPhoneSoft hope you enjoy using Predator's Toolbox, and find it useful in making your smartphone a more pleasant experience. Thank you for using our product!