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Predator's Toolbox S60 FAQ

Product referenced: Predator's Toolbox S60 3.20
Document version:  3.20
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Using Predator's Toolbox
Binary clock
System information



Q: Why do I need Predator's Toolbox?
A: Predator's Toolbox features the rarely seen binary clock, which can make your phone looking truly unique. The background skin is like an alien's self-destructing "wrist-bomb", as seen in the famous Predator movies. The program also displays various useful phone information.

Q: How does Predator's Toolbox differ from other similar applications?
A: The binary clock provided by Predator's Toolbox is quite unique. You are not likely to find this kind of timepiece in any other program that you can put on a Symbian smartphone.

Q: Which phones is Predator's Toolbox compatible with?
A: Predator's Toolbox can be installed and executed on all Symbian S60 5th edition smartphones. Compatible handsets include the Nokia N97, N97 mini, 5800, 5230, 5530, and X6 devices.

Using Predator's Toolbox

Q: What is the use of Predator's Toolbox?
A: Predator's Toolbox provides three major functions:

  • A unique binary clock, never before seen on a phone, and quite rare in general.
  • A background skin that looks like an alien's tool, as seen in the Predator movies.
  • Various useful system information.

    Q: What else is provided other than a binary clock?
    A: The application displays useful phone information, like free memory, drive space, battery level, charging status, network name, and signal strength.

    Q: Can I put it on the Home screen?
    A: Yes. Predator's Toolbox is a web runtime widget that can be used in the so-called "mini-view" mode. This means it can be placed on the Home screen of any phone that support the mini-view. At the time of writing, such phones include the Nokia N97 and N97 mini.

    Q: Is there some help available while using the program?
    A: Yes, on-screen help is provided that gives clues about reading the binary clock and the presented system information. Invoke the help by touching the bottom half of the display in full-screen mode.

    Binary clock

    Q: What is a binary clock good for?
    A: With our human brains a binary clock is quite a lot harder to read than the usual analog and digital clocks. Nevertheless, it is absolutely possible to do, once you have understood how it works. With such a special clock you can make your phone looking truly unique.

    Q: Is this like a puzzle?
    A: Yes, you can view Predator's Toolbox as a puzzle that you can use to challenge your friends: What do you see, what is it good for, and how to read it? Only a few people will be able to solve these. Actually, you can win back the price of the software multiple times, while having fun in the pub...

    Q: What are the animated red lines?
    A: They represent a true binary clock. There are three clock panels for hours, minutes and seconds, from left to right. The red lines are binary places for the values of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32, respectively, moving clockwise from the top to the right of each three clock panels.

    Q: How to read the binary clock?
    A: You just need to know which red line stands for what value, and then add up those values to get the normal time. Basic help is available by touching the bottom half of the display when running the program in full-screen mode. A detailed and illustrated explanation is provided in the User Guide section of this documentation. Finally, you can use the digital clock shown above each clock panel to see the correct time values.

    System information

    Q: What is displayed in green?
    A: The fourth panel shows system information. M is for free Memory, C is for free space on the C: drive, E is for free space on the E: drive, and B is for Battery level in percentages.

    Q: What are the cyan dots?
    A: The cyan dots represent the current signal strength in five levels (0 to 4 dots).

    Q: What are the animated white dots?
    A: The animated white dots indicate that the phone is currently connected to a charger.