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Product:RAMblow S60
Genre:Memory manager
Documentation:User Guide, FAQ
Availability:Try & Buy
Price:14.95 USD, free trial available
Compatible:All Symbian S60 and Symbian^3 smartphones by Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson


RAMblow aims to maintain a healthy amount of available memory, or RAM, to help running the phone smooth for a long time. The application provides automated memory management, as well as manual termination of running programs. The memory boost feature can blow RAM up to amounts never before seen.

RAMblow is very simple to use, just let it run in the background, and you will never again find your phone lacking memory. By its advanced memory management functions RAMblow can serve up to 50 MB free memory after prolonged use on popular phones, e. g. the Nokia N97 and 5800.

RAMblow is quite essential on phones notoriously low on memory, like the Nokia N97 and many older Symbian phones. In addition, RAMblow is useful on all other phones as well, by preventing unwanted background activity, optimizing the use of shared resources, and providing fast and reliable long-term use of the phone.

Major features:

  • Unattended and manual management of running applications.
  • Maintaining a healthy amount of free available memory for smooth operation of the phone.
  • Memory optimization for executing large programs.
  • Automatic memory cleanup after set idle time.
  • Examination and manual closing of unwanted programs.
  • Reporting the results of memory cleanup.
  • Compatible with all Symbian S60 3rd and 5th edition smartphones by Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson.

    NEW in RAMblow 1.70:

  • Improved compatibility with the Belle operating system.
  • Enhanced cleanup and memory optimizer engine.
  • Various bug-fixes and additional optimizations.

    Press reviews:

    Making more of RAM: it never rains, then it pours - RAMblow (All About Symbian, 02/02/2010)
    Keep your smartphone in top form with RAMblow (Symbian-Freak, 02/04/2010)
    Ramblow 1.00 for S60 3rd & 5th, memory management fresh air for fragile firmware (BlindMind, 02/04/2010)
    Test: RAMblow 1.0 (S60inside, 02/24/2010)
    Pimping the Nokia N97 (All About Symbian, 02/28/2011)

    What users say:

    "Amazing app ... My ram is now like this *Without RAMblow:54-55Mb *with RAMblow:60-61Mb So after day to day use of my 5800 my RAM is pretty much back to how it was at start up" - Dealz417, Forums, posted on 02/02/2010

    "Really happy with this ... keeps RAM really high, even after taking pictures (after which RAM usually drops 5-8MB). RAMblow gets a lot of this back, which is needed for fun but memory-hog apps (like Coreplayer)." - Nick17, Forums, posted on 02/03/2010

    "I have an N97, and of course have had the hassles with the lack of memory. The latest firmware helps, but I still needed to restart it every 2-3 days. No more! I installed RamBlow, and haven't had to restart for 10 days now. A record for my N97." - rbt, Forums, posted on 02/17/2010