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RAMblow S60 User Guide

Product referenced: RAMblow S60 1.70
Document version:  1.70
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RAMblow is a memory and task manager utility for Symbian smartphones. By providing automatic and manual cleanup functions, the application aims to maintain a healthy amount of free available memory, or RAM, for smooth operation of the phone.


RAMblow can be installed and executed on all smartphones running on Symbian S60 3rd or 5th edition, or Symbian^3. Compatible handsets are manufactured by Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson. Touch-screen and keypad operation are equally supported.


The distribution package can be installed directly by using the PC install program, or after uploading the .sisx file to the phone. Refer to your phone's User Guide for details on installing.

RAMblow on N95     RAMblow on N97

RAMblow on E90


RAMblow has two views:

  • The Main view contains settings mainly for automatic memory management.
  • The Task view displays a list of running applications (also called tasks) for manual memory management.

    To switch between the views, use the Options menu, or the toolbar on touch-screen phones.

    Important: RAMblow needs to be running in the background to do its job. Therefore do not exit the program, instead just press the Done button, or switch to another application.

    Operating the program consists of selecting an item and then issuing the desired command. The Options menu contains all commands specific to the currently displayed view.

    On S60 5.x phones (typically with a touch-screen) a toolbar is displayed near the bottom of the screen, with three buttons:
  • The Report button displays status information.
  • The Cleanup button executes memory cleanup.
  • The third button switches to the other view.

    On phones operated by buttons the most important commands are assigned to keypresses for fast access. The key assignments are shown in the Options menu, indicated by numbers within square brackets, for each command.

  • Main view

    The Main view serves to control settings for automatic memory management. These settings include:

  • Automatic cleanup: Set the idle time after which automatic cleanup will be executed. If Inactive is selected then no auto-clean will occur.

  • Memory boost: Turn the option on to maximize available memory. Memory boost frees up extra memory during manual and automatic cleanups. Turn this option off if you feel it is causing unwanted side-effects, like resetting the theme.

  • Protect foreground app: When the option is on, the application currently in foreground will not be closed by automatic cleanup.

  • Run as system application: Turn the option on to prevent exiting RAMblow by the operating system.

  • Information messages: Turn the option off to prevent displaying messages during automatic cleanup.

  • Background: Select displaying an image or the theme background. The option is not available on some phone models.

  • Main view    Main view Main view   

    Commands available in the Main view include the following:

  • Report: Display additional status information.

  • Cleanup: Execute cleanup, resulting in more free memory for running other applications.

  • Main/Task view: Switch to the respective view.

  • Restart phone: Turn off the phone and then turn it on again automatically. A confirmation dialog is presented before restart occurs.

  • Edit: Change the selected option.

  • Task view

    The Task view lists running programs (tasks) and allows one to manage them manually.

    Each item of the list displays the icon and the name of an application currently running on the phone. The second line shows memory occupation, attributes and protection status. The icon on the right side indicates where the program resides (built-in, phone memory, or memory card).

    To switch to a running application, select it in the list and click on it.

    Task view    Task view    Task view   

    Commands available in the Task view are the following:

  • Terminate: End the selected (or all marked) application. Programs that are essential for the phone's normal operation are marked as Sys. and can not be exited.

  • Toggle protection: Switch the protection status of the selected application. Tasks marked as Prot. will not be included in Cleanup.

  • Refresh: Reload the list to reflect current changes.

  • Edit: Mark list items.

  • Memory cleanup

    The Cleanup feature frees up memory, resulting in more stable behavior of the phone. During cleanup most of the currently running applications are exited.

    You can prevent closing particular applications during cleanup by using the Toggle protection command, available in the Task view. Results of cleanup can be viewed using the Report command.

    Automatic cleanup (auto-clean) occurs when the phone is left unattended for prolonged time. This maximizes the memory available for running programs when the device is next used.

    You can set the idle time after which auto-clean happens in the Main view. Cleanup is performed when the specified time elapses, and is not repeated until switching to another application, and then until the idle time-out elapses again.

    Manual cleanup can be performed any time you wish by issuing the Cleanup command. This has the same effect as automatic cleanup. You can close individual applications using the Terminate command.


    The Report window provides information on phone status and the results of cleanup.

  • Running: The number of applications currently running in the system.

  • Free memory: The current amount of available memory.

  • Max. free memory: The highest amount of available memory ever recorded.

  • Last auto-clean: The time when automatic cleanup was last performed.

  • Last released: The amount of memory that was made available during the last cleanup.

  • Max. released: The highest amount of memory released by any earlier cleanup, including both automatic and manual.
  • Report

    We at CellPhoneSoft hope you enjoy using RAMblow, and find it useful in making your smartphone a more pleasant experience. Thank you for using our product!