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Time Chime S60 User Guide

Product referenced: Time Chime S60 1.60
Document version:  1.60
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Time Chime is a clock application that plays audible signals at optional times. The sounds and numerous other features can be customized using a simple interface.


Time Chime can be installed and executed on all smartphones running on Symbian S60 3rd or 5th edition, or Symbian^3. Compatible handsets are manufactured by Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson. Touch-screen and keypad operation are equally supported.


The distribution package can be installed directly by using the PC install program, or after uploading the .sisx file to the phone. Refer to your phone's User Guide for details on installing.


The main view of Time Chime displays current settings and lets you change them (see details further below).

Application commands are available as menu items (on key-based phones) or as toolbar buttons (on touch-screen phones). Using the commands you can test the selected audio signals.

The Play Hr. and Play Reg. commands play the hourly and the regular-interval sounds, respectively. The Say command spells the current time using speech synthesizer.

To stop playing a sound, issue a Play command while the sound is playing.

Time Chime                    Time Chime           


The behaviour of Time Chime can be configured using the main view controls, listed below:

  • Hourly chime: Select the signal type which will be played every hour.

  • Regular chime: Select the signal type which will be played at regular time intervals.

  • Regular interval: Select the time interval for regular signaling.

  • Sound volume: Set the volume for sounds.

  • Vibration: Set the option to vibrate the phone at signal times.

  • Say time of the day: Set the option to add the time of the day to signaling via speech. (This setting is available only if the phone's language is English.)

  • Signals active from: Set the earliest time when signals are played.

  • Signals active until: Set the latest time when signals are played.

  • Run as system application: Turn the option on to prevent exiting Time Chime by the operating system.

  • Time Chime                    Time Chime           


    Time Chime plays audible signals every hour. Additional sounds can be played at regular time intervals.

    Various signal types can be selected separately for the hourly and regular chimes. The application comes with some default sounds that include beep effects and bird voices. The provided default signals can be replaced by custom sound files.

    An additional signal type which can be selected is saying the time via the speech synthesizer engine built into the phone. If the voice quality appears to be too low, then select a signaling option other than saying the time. Note that the full time is pronounced only if the phone's language is English, otherwise the time is spelled using numeric digits only.

    If you do not want to play either the hourly or the regular signal, select None in the respective control. You can also specify at which times of the day the signals are active.

    Note that Time Chime needs to be running in the background to play timely signals. Therefore, when you are done with changing settings, do not exit the program, instead just press the Done button, or switch to another application.

    Time Chime

    We at CellPhoneSoft hope you enjoy using Time Chime, and find it useful in making your smartphone a more pleasant experience. Thank you for using our product!