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Time Chime S60 FAQ

Product referenced: Time Chime S60 1.60
Document version:  1.60
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Q: Why do I need Time Chime?
A: It can be useful at many occasions when the phone signals the time by sound. In this way so you are notified about how time elapses, without the need to look at the device.

Q: How does Time Chime differ from other similar applications?
A: Time Chime is very easy to use, while it provides many customization options, like separate sounds for hourly and regular signals, ability to play pre-defined sounds or your own files, vibration and volume settings, specifying active times, and saying the time via speech-synthesizer.

Q: Which phones is Time Chime compatible with?
A: Time Chime can be installed and executed on all Symbian S60 3rd and 5th edition smartphones. Compatible handsets are manufactured by Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson.

Q: Won't Time Chime disturb phone calls?
A: No, the signals are not played when a phone call is active. Signals are also automatically off when you activate a silent profile.

Q: Can I silence Time Chime at nights?
A: Yes, by using the Signals active from/until controls you can set the time interval when sounds will be played.


Q: Can I use my own sound file?
A: Yes, absolutely. Open the control for Hourly or Regular chime, and press on the Select sound file... item

Q: How to test the sounds?
A: To play the currently active sound, use the Play hourly/regular chime commands, available in the Options menu, or as the toolbar buttons Play Hr. and Play Reg. on touch screen phones. The Say command spells the current time using speech synthesizer.

Q: How to stop playing a sound?
A: To stop the currently playing sound, just issue again any of the sound playing commands of Time Chime.


Q: Why is the speech low quality?
A: Time Chime uses a speech synthesizer that comes with the phone. The voice quality of the speech engine is given, and can not be improved by the application. If the built-in voice is not appropriate in your case, then please select a signaling option other than saying the time.

Q: Why does the Say command speak numbers?
A: On phones whose language is other than English, the time is spelled using numeric digits only. Translations to full time speech are not available in the current version of Time Chime.