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Twin Files S60 User Guide

Product referenced: Twin Files S60 1.20
Document version:  1.20
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Twin Files is a file manager utility, providing dual file listing and a full set of file manipulation functions.


Twin Files can be installed and executed on all smartphones running on Symbian 9.x, with Series 60 (S60) 3rd or 5th edition, both touch- and non-touch-screen. Compatible handsets are manufactured by Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson.


The distribution package can be installed directly by using the PC install program, or after uploading the .sisx file to the phone. Refer to your phone's User Guide for details on installing.


Twin Files has two separate view pages, each providing a complete listing of drives, folders and files. To switch between the views, tap their respective tab on the screen, or press the left/right arrow keys. You can independently navigate the phone's file system within the two lists.

The file views are organized as hierarchical lists. Items in the top-level list represent the drives installed on the phone.

To navigate downwards in the hierarchy, select and click on a list item. To enter a displayed folder, or to invoke the associated viewer application for a file, click its name on the list. To go one level up in the directory hierarchy, press the Back (right) soft-key.

Note that throughout this document "click" means selecting a list item by touching the screen (or by moving with the navigations keys), and then confirming the selection by touching the same item again (or by pressing the Confirm/Enter key).

When a file is selected, its modification time and size are indicated below the file list.
File list

File management

File manipulation using Twin Files consists of selecting a list item and then issuing the desired command.

On all phone models the Options menu contains all commands available for the currently selected list item.

On S60 5.x phones (typically with a touch-screen) a toolbar is displayed near the bottom of the screen, with three buttons:
  • The Function button provides fast access to the most frequently used commands.
  • The Info button displays additional information about the selected item.
  • The Drive button is used to quickly switch between the available drives. The current directory is preserved for each drives on both lists.

    On phones operated by buttons the most important commands are assigned to keypresses for fast access. The key assignments are shown in the Options menu, indicated within square brackets, for each command.
  • File functions   


    The commands available for file manipulation are the following:

  • Information: Bring up the File/Folder information dialog (see below) that displays details about the selected file or folder.

  • Cut: Prepare the selected or marked files and/or folders for moving to another location.

  • Copy: Prepare the selected or marked files and/or folders for copying to another location.

  • Paste: Execute the last Cut or Copy command, that results in copying or moving files and/or folders to the currently displayed folder.

  • Delete: Permanently remove the selected or marked files and/or folders.

  • Rename: Bring up the Information dialog with the Name field open for editing.

  • New folder: Create a new subfolder in the currently displayed folder.

  • Send: Send the selected file(s) via E-mail, MMS, Bluetooth or IR.

  • Select drive: Change the drive whose contents is displayed in the view. This command is also available by using the right toolbar button on touch-screen phones.

  • Sort by: Select the ordering of files. Directory sorting is only possible by name.
  • File menu

    File/Folder information dialog

    This dialog is accessed by issuing the Information command. It shows detailed information about the selected file or folder.

    File information - Properties    File information - Drive

    To rename the displayed item, change the contents of the Name field.

    To adjust time, change the Date and/or Time field's contents.

    To set attributes, click on the Attributes field.

    For drive information, switch to the Drive tab.

    To accept changes, press the Back button.


    Use the provided options to set the behavior of the file manager.

  • Show ROM drives: Enable the option to have access to read-only drives that contain system components.

  • Show system folders: Turn the option on to display folders whose contents is hidden by the operating system.

  • Show hidden files: Enable the option to list system and hidden files.

  • Full icon display: Turn the option on to always display specific icons according to file type. This option may slow down refreshing the file list when many files are present in the current folder.

  • Confirmations: Turn the option on to display warning messages before executing potentially harmful actions, like deleting files.
  • Settings

    We at CellPhoneSoft hope you enjoy using Twin Files, and find it useful in making your smartphone a more pleasant experience. Thank you for using our product!