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Twin Files S60 FAQ

Product referenced: Twin Files S60 1.20
Document version:  1.20
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Using Twin Files
File management



Q: Why do I need Twin Files?
A: With Twin Files you can perform file management tasks that exceed what the built-in program can do.

Q: How does Twin Files differ from other file managers?
A: The main advantage is the dual file listing that allows convenient copying of multiple files to various folders, without the necessity to switch between the source and destination folders in the same file list. In addition, Twin Files offers a complete set of file manipulation functions, and provides access to folders not shown by the built-in file manager.

Q: Which phones is Twin Files compatible with?
A: Twin Files can be installed and executed on all smartphones running on Symbian 9.x, with Series 60 (S60) 3rd or 5th edition. Compatible handsets are manufactured by Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson. The program can be equally used on phones with or without a touch-screen.

Using Twin Files

Q: Can I use Twin Files on a phone that does not have a touch-screen?
A:Yes, absolutely. Twin Files recognizes the interaction style and adapts itself to the current phone. All commands are available as menu items, for easy access by keypresses. Keypad shortcuts are also available for most commands.

Q: How do I select list items for actions?
A: In most cases the position of the selection bar is used for identifying list items for subsequent actions. You can also mark one or more items using Edit menu commands. Such marks only take precedence over the highlight selection when the action accepts multiple items and there are more than one items marked.

Q: Are there key shortcuts for Twin Files commands?
A:Yes. On phones operated by buttons the most important commands are assigned to keypresses for fast access. The key assignments are shown in the Options menu, indicated within square brackets, for each command.

File management

Q: What is a "protected folder" and why I can not view them?
A: Protected folders are \sys and \Private on Symbian phones. Access to these folders is restricted by the data caging feature of the operating system. Under normal circumstances you can not enter such folders, and can not see their contents. You can stop listing protected folders by disabling the corresponding option in Settings.

Q: How do I rename a file?
A: Select the file and issue the Information command, to bring up the File information dialog. In that dialog the name of the file or folder is editable. In addition, the More functions submenu contains a Rename command that directly goes to editing the name.

Q: How do I copy or move a file to another location?
A: Select or mark the file(s) and/or folder(s) you want to copy or move. Execute the Copy command for copy, or the Cut command for move. Then, navigate into the directory that you intend to be the target of the operation. You can select the target in the other file listing of the dual panel display. Finally, issue the Paste command to execute the required action. Note that the Cut operation means deleting the items from the original location.

Q: How can I create a new directory?
A: The More functions submenu has a New folder item. Enter the name for the new folder and press OK.

Q: Why do I see a "No viewer for file" message when clicking on a file?
A: For standard media file types your phone has an associated built-in viewer. When such association does not exist for a certain file, the above message is displayed.

Q: How can I quickly switch to another drive?
A: Use the Select drive menu item, or the Drive toolbar button on touch-screen phones.

Q: Why most commands are disabled when I browse the Z: drive?
A: The Z: drive is a so-called ROM drive which is read-only. Any function which includes writing to the file system is disabled when browsing a ROM drive. You can however copy files from a ROM drive and then paste them to another (read-and-write) drive. You can stop listing ROM drives by disabling the corresponding option in Settings/File.

Q: Can I delete a read-only file?
A: To delete a read-only file you first need to clear its read-only flag, using the File information dialog's Attributes field. The same applies to using the Cut/Paste functions. Note that files can not be removed if the drive itself is read-only.