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Products for UIQ3

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Applications for UIQ3 phones: Sony Ericsson G900, G700, P1, P990, W950, W960, M600, Motorola Z8, Z10

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AutoCam UIQ3AutoCam is a screen capture utility that takes snapshots of the phone display for documentation purposes. Screenshots are made either manually or automatically, and can be saved in various popular image formats. The program comes with file manager functions and a built-in image viewer.

BallRoom UIQ3BallRoom provides a unique way of customizing your phone's appearance and function by taking over the upper-left corner of the screen, where normally an idle application icon is shown. The program lets you change what is displayed in the application icon area, and define what action is performed when touching that area.

BigBen UIQ3BigBen appears like a clock with hourly chime, but provides many more additional services. The program protects your phone from accidental use by locking keys, while displaying a large digital or analog clock, with selectable background. BigBen can also display visible and audible reminders for unattended events, like call or SMS.

BootMan UIQ3BootMan lets you select applications to launch automatically each time the phone is started up. The autostart sequence can be fully controlled, including delays, screen notifications, sound signaling, and flip mode dependence. BootMan also provides useful information on all installed applications, and can determine the time that elapsed since the last reboot.

Bunch Launch UIQ3Bunch Launch provides quick access to those applications that you use most often. Any number of programs can be selected that will be started at once. Up to ten groups can be defined for multiple application startup. Optional memory cleanup ensures that programs are executed in optimal environment.

DeskCam UIQ3DeskCam is a free plugin for GDesk, that captures the current GDesk screen, and saves the resulting image in PNG format. DeskCam provides a convenient way of documenting your GDesk setup.

File Associate UIQ3File Associate lets you select the applications used to open various types of document files. The accompanied Generic viewer supports displaying flash, ZIP, text and binary files. These two applications provide a kind of customization that was never before possible on Symbian UIQ or S60 phones.

Function server UIQ3Function server is a free plugin for GDesk, that can execute indigenous functions of various external programs without leaving GDesk. Supported applications include Swiss Manager Pro, BigBen, Bunch Launch and Tweak Peaks.

LinkBoy UIQ3LinkBoy provides up to 45 shortcuts to frequently used tasks, that can optionally be displayed on the standby screen. Shortcuts are available for the full range of applications, phone settings, multimedia files, web pages, contact actions, and common tasks.

Padissimo UIQ3Padissimo enhances navigation by providing two extra directional pads: one on the screen, and one on the keyboard. The new ways of moving around the screen can be used over any application, in lists, menus, and other scrollable displays. With its versatile features Padissimo can add a lot to the usability of your smartphone!

Process Explorer UIQ3Process Explorer lists all programs running on the phone, including server processes, device drivers and DLLs that run invisibly in the background. Any process can be terminated (available on SonyEricsson phones). Automated multiple termination by the Cleanup command can produce extra memory for running programs.

Swiss Manager Elite UIQ3Swiss Manager Elite is a composite system utility, providing task management, file navigation, and system information services. The Elite version is a major upgrade to the well-known "SMP" application. An essential addition to your UIQ3 device!

Tweak Peaks UIQ3Tweak Peaks is a system utility that provides various enhancements to operating the phone. Display acceleration can dramatically increase the performance. Effects like instant menus and fast list scrolling improve the overall experience of using the phone. You can also change the start page for the Web application (depending on the phone's security status).

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