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Product:LinkBoy UIQ3
Genre:Application launcher
Documentation:User Guide, FAQ
Availability:Try & Buy
Price:5.95 USD, free trial available
Compatible:UIQ3 phones

LinkBoy provides up to 45 shortcuts to frequently used tasks, that can be displayed as executable icons on the standby screen. Shortcuts are available for the full range of applications, phone settings, multimedia files, web pages, contact actions, and common tasks. All key functions of the built-in standby screen are left intact by LinkBoy.

While it is most useful on the P990, LinkBoy can also be used on all other UIQ3 phones, either over the Standby screen, or as a standalone collection of highly customizable shortcuts.
LinkBoy UIQ3

Major features:

  • Up to 45 customizable shortcuts that can be displayed on the standby screen (SonyEricsson phones only).
  • Customizable number, position and arrangement of shortcuts, grouped into three independent sets.
  • Supported shortcut types include installed applications, Control panel settings, all multimedia file types, and web pages.
  • Shortcuts for communications with individual contacts (like sending MMS to Jane Doe).
  • Shortcuts for adding new entries of major built-in applications, like Calendar, Notes, Sound recorder, and more.
  • Active shortcut types that display calendar events, memory status, time and date, or sticky notes.
  • Function shortcut types to switch between shortcut sets, or hide the icon panel.
  • Shortcut icons can be replaced with custom images, including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, SVG.
  • Customizable captions for shortcuts.
  • Adjustable transparency setting for the icon panel.
  • Display functions of the standby screen are preserved, including operator, area message, media player and timer.
  • Keypress functions of the standby screen are preserved, including silent mode, phone lock, and selection of default shortcuts.
  • Numeric keys used as hotkeys for invoking shortcuts.
  • Full functionality and selective display of shortcut sets in flip closed mode of the P990.

    NEW in version 1.50:

  • List of upcoming events displayed when executing the Event active item.
  • Full text display of Note active items.
  • New Active item type: Time and date.
  • Support for passing application parameter from shortcuts.
  • Selectable right softkey action for P990 in flip-closed mode.
  • Improved behavior with the Standby application's Today menu.
  • Numerous additional improvements and bugfixes.

    NEW in version 1.52:

  • Various bugfixes.
  • Internal improvements.