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Product:Process Explorer UIQ3
Genre:System utility
Documentation:User Guide, FAQ
Availability:Try & Buy
Price:5.95 USD, free trial available
Compatible:UIQ3 phones

Process Explorer starts where task managers end. It lists all programs running on the phone, including server processes and device drivers that run invisibly in the background, and are not shown by task managers.

Detailed information is presented on each process, including child threads and windows, that was never before available. On SonyEricsson phones Process Explorer can terminate any process and driver. The Cleanup command performs automated multiple termination which may lead to free memory amounts previously unprecedented.

While Process Explorer is most useful on early UIQ3 phones with notoriously low memory, it is also a valuable general tool on any UIQ3 device, for analytical purposes and for killing the occasional "stray process".
Process Explorer

Major features:

  • Lists all running programs, including server processes, device drivers and DLLs not shown by task managers.
  • Detailed technical information about processes, threads, windows and device drivers.
  • Cleanup command to maximize available memory.
  • Ability to terminate individual processes (available on SonyEricsson phones).

    NEW in version 1.60:

  • New Risk info command, providing details on the consequences of terminating processes.
  • Enhanced Cleanup command, including option to mass-terminate Risky and Unknown processes.
  • Improved performance and reliability.
  • Internal enhancements, optimizations, and bugfixes.